Ministère des Ressources naturelles
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  • A program that explores every stage of mining development.
  • An ambitious commercial, geoscientific and institutional exhibition.
  • Lots of oppurtinity for discussion, networking and business development
  • A high-caliber international gathering.
  • An extraordinary showcase of Québec mining expertise.


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Québec Mines 2014

If you’re interested in Québec’s mineral resources and their development, don’t miss Québec Mines 2014, which will be held on November 17 to 20, 2014, at the Québec City Convention Centre, on the theme of Mineral Resources to Transform the World. It promises to be the gathering of the year for anyone with a direct or indirect interest in mine development in Québec.

Mineral Resources to Transform the World

Who could imagine a world without aircraft, medical imaging, cars, telephones, computers or something as simple as a pencil? The theme of Québec Mines 2014 highlights the key role played by mine development in the evolution of modern lifestyles. It helps us to realize the tremendous responsibility involved in exploring and extracting our resources sustainably, so that we can transform the world of today and prepare the world of tomorrow.

Québec Mines: An outstanding showcase for the mining industry

Québec Mines, a showcase for the geosciences and mineral resources, presented by the Ministère des Ressources naturelles, touches upon every aspect of mine development in Québec.

More than 300 exhibitors are expected!

The exhibition room will bring together, under one roof, commercial, geoscientific, institutional and government exhibitors, along with prospectors and international organizations. Networking activities will take place every day.

More than 100 conferences and workshops

This year’s program will remain faithful to its reputation for excellence, with a broad variety of topics encompassing every aspect of mine development, addressed through conferences, problem-solving workshops and training sessions.

A major international forum

The international community will also be present for the second consecutive year. Roughly 20 countries were represented in 2013, and more are expected in 2014.  



Québec Seeks Solution – Mining Edition: A Great Success!

[April 4, 2014] Québec Seeks Solution – Mining Edition: A Great Success! [April 4, 2014] At Québec Mines 2013, participants attended a one-day collaborative innovation and problem-solving workshop organized by Québec International and Groupe MISA. Read more.


What they said of Québec Mines 2013
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Results of survey - post Québec Mines 2013

[February 20, 2014] From mid-December 2013 to mid-January 2014, we conducted an online survey to evaluate the rate of satisfaction among Québec Mines 2013 participants. Here is what you told us. Read more.

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