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  • A program that explores every stage of mining development.
  • An ambitious commercial, geoscientific and institutional exhibition.
  • Lots of oppurtinity for discussion, networking and business development
  • A high-caliber international gathering.
  • An extraordinary showcase of Québec mining expertise.


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Philippe Couillard, Premier of Québec, invites you to Québec Mines 2014!

“Québec Mines will provide an excellent opportunity to learn more about the newly revived Plan Nord, which has become a primary focus of economic development for Québec. The mining industry plays a very important role in our development plan for Northern Québec (…) All the industry’s partners will be present at Québec Mines, making it the ideal place for productive discussion.”


An outstanding showcase for the mining industry

They will attend
Québec Mines 2014

They will attend Québec Mines 2014




Conference Program: The Choice is Yours!

[September 26, 2014] The Québec Mines 2014 conference program has just been updated with the latest information on the subjects that will be addressed by roughly 80 speakers during the 15 sessions on the program. It won’t be easy to plan your conference schedule – there’s so much to choose from! Here’s a brief overview. Read more.


What they said of Québec Mines 2013
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(Video in french only)


Come and meet Québec's Aboriginal communities!

[September 10, 2014] Aboriginal communities and mining development: what are the expectations of the Aboriginal communities with respect to mining development? How are mining companies responding to those expectations? To find out, take part in one of the activities presenting the Aboriginal point of view. Read more.

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